Hi, lovely. 

If we haven't met yet, my name is Lauren Garcia, and I'm here to support you in your dreams and passions you wish to share with the world. I'm a leading social media marketing, success, and clarity coach for creative purpose-driven female entrepreneurs looking to harness the latest online tools + techniques, all while staying clear on the bottom line in both life and business.

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise...

Right now, I'm sure you're feeling scared, confused, and overwhelmed. You don't want to make the wrong decision or end up in the wrong place 10 years from now. You're lacking in direction and clarity. And did I mention that you're scared?

I was there where you are, just three years ago. I was nearing the end of graduate school, and it came time for me to look for a job. As millennials, we were essentially guaranteed that jobs would be waiting once we went through all those grueling years in school. What did we get in return? Economic collapse. Entry-level jobs that had nothing to do with what we majored in. Non-paid internships with no promise to move up the ladder. 

I spent months, maybe even an entire YEAR, wallowing in the fact that although I had a master's degree, no one wanted me to work for them. I was screwed over by potential business partners (who really just wanted to steal my money), and my confidence and self-assuredness were at an all time low. I honestly didn't think that I could hit rock bottom any harder. 


Now, I am a successful coach that desires to help other passionate female entrepreneurs who have big dreams for their life and a killer bottom line that they wish to achieve. I have so much clarity in my life and in my business and I feel such a calming sense of happiness that I never thought I would get to. I truly thought my only option was to eventually join a 9-5 job in an industry I knew nothing about and wasn't passionate about (think, data entry behind a cubicle). Now listen, I have nothing against the big J-O-B. In fact, I have so much respect for those of you that have in fact found a job. It might not be your life calling or your passion, but you have stuck to it and you are in it to win it so that one day you might be able to truly do what you love. One of my favorite books, "Leveraging the Universe," talks about how you must. keep. moving. The universe won't give anything back to you unless you are actually taking ACTION. Even if that action is baby steps. Even if you are taking action behind the scenes or behind a cubicle, little by little. You MUST give it your all. 


I spent way too much time hopelessly flailing in my life and business. What I was missing was a focus on the WHY. What was I looking to get from a life + biz I loved and could wake up every day excited for? I was in such a negative mindset at the time that I couldn't get the clarity I needed. I was a relentless complainer, I would be tempted to give up every single time someone or something disappointed me, and I assumed that a negative outlook on life was just me being "realistic" and preparing myself in case of failure. In other words, I had a massive wall of negativity built up that was blocking my from amazing opportunities that were still out there. 

What changed me? What made me go from Negative Nancy to the person I am now?



The life of an entrepreneur, or soon to be entrepreneur is a dangerous, scary, risky, fulfilling, exciting journey. At times it may feel like you are completely and utterly alone. 

I promise you, you aren’t. 


For some reason, society sometimes tells us that asking for help may make us appear weak. I think the complete opposite. Asking for help is a way of reaching your higher self--your best self--when you identify those roadblocks in your life and in your business that you feel too tired to get through on your own. You know there are people out there to help you past those obstacles (after all, that’s their job, that’s their passion, they want to see you succeed as much as you do.)

Before coaching I felt...

  • LOST
  • Completely alone
  • Like society was just telling me to quit my dreams already
  • Completely vulnerable
  • Unable to trust but a small group of people
  • Fear of the unknown paralyzing me
  • My past experiences also paralyzing me/stopping me in my tracks


Does any of this sound familiar? 

I get it. We were once in the same boat. I was just as lost and confused as you are feeling right now (trust me). Now, I wake up feeling utterly grateful for the life I've made for myself, beyond happy that I get to help other passionate women turn their dreams into reality, and loving every single second that I get to call myself a #GIRLBOSS. 

Let's find clarity on your Bottom Line TODAY! No more dilly dallying. The universe is waiting on YOU to make the move. To bring your passions and creativity into the world.