"Our brand voice was perfected; the engagement on our social media increased, and leads were generated!" -Blossom Braemer, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Development Coach


Coaching is an invaluable experience. As an entrepreneur, I myself have gotten THE most amazing experiences from coaching programs and sessions. I've worked with life coaches, health coaches, and others one-on-one and I've always wanted to find a way to bring this unique experience to my clients. Now I have! 

I'm not gonna lie, I used to ONLY do social media management for my clients. That was alright for a while, but what I started to see was an overwhelming number of clients that felt they couldn't seem to trust the process and "let go" when I would be scheduling out social media posts for them on their pages for months at a time. But I realized OF COURSE there are some entrepreneurs out there that are going to want to micromanage. Why??...



So, with a lot of work and learning on both our ends, we would get things all set up and the anxiety, fears, and micromanaging would slowly disappear. I'm telling you this because I want us to explore what option would work best for you in a free discovery call. Let's get deep about your learning style, your goals, what you're really looking for, and more. 

How one-on-one coaching works:

STEP 1: Schedule a FREE discovery call with me. We'll go over your goals, fears, and more, and see if we're a good fit to work together!

STEP 2: I'll go over expectations on both our ends, we'll sign a contract together, you'll submit payment, and we'll get to work! 

STEP 3: You will schedule online the times you are available to speak throughout the week. At least a month of scheduling at a time in advance is required. 

STEP 4: After each call, I'll send out a recording (so you don't have to take a ton of notes during the calls), and you will receive typed up notes from me.

STEP 5: You'll be assigned homework after each call to implement what I've taught you. I'll help you remain ACCOUNTABLE for all of this. There's nothing worse than teaching a client what to do, and see them not put that into ACTION! 



10 SESSIONS AT $1,097

"Launch Media came to me with expert knowledge of the rapidly changing media platforms and knew exactly how to find the right fit for me as a director and my production company.  We have had an incredible ROI while working with Launch Media.  We couldn’t be happier.” – Jason Crain, Mighty Myt Production


After having read the above on coaching, you're probably thinking... "wait, so why do you still offer management?!"

Think of my new and improved management packages as a set of "training wheels" for you.

This new package involves me helping you get started by curating content and scheduling posts for you on your social media platforms. HOWEVER, I absolutely 100% require you to do weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls as a very necessary element of this kind of work. You need to be understanding why I'm posting what I post, so that after month 1 of working together, you feel confident enough to take the reigns. After month 1, I will leave it up to you so to speak. We will still have our calls, we'll do an "audit" of what you've been posting, take a look at your insights and analytics, and I'll give you homework on what to do before we speak the following session. 

Available "Training Wheels" Packages:

6 SESSIONS starting at $790

(this includes 6, 50 min. coaching sessions, homework, accountability, email support, and the first month of social media posts curated by yours truly) 

10 SESSIONS starting AT $1,497

(this includes 8, 50 min. coaching sessions, homework, accountability, email support, and the first month of social media posts curated by yours truly)* 

*note: Pricing depends on how many platforms I'll be helping you with in both coaching and management. This can be discussed during our discovery call together.


If the above options don't sound like your cup of tea, or if there's something very specific you need help with, I can still put together a customized package after we chat during a discovery call. The schedule is filling up, so make sure you reserve your time with me ASAP, lovely!